Power Quality Measurement, Analysis & Improvement Solution

Active Power System (ACPOSYS) is also specialized in energy control and power quality solutions for achieving improvement in energy efficiency and power quality in customers network.

Power Quality improvement & Power Factor Correction

Harmonic measurement at site and analysis of results

Most critical part of Power Quality improvement process is to identify and diagnose the problem in the network, rightly. In order to achieve this, we can assist with

  • Carrying out harmonic measurement at site
  • Performing Analysis of measured harmonic data. Based on evaluation of data, we can Design, Manufacture & Supply appropriate mitigation systems such as Capacitor Banks – Plain or Detuned and/or Passive/Active Filters etc. including installation, testing & commissioning of supplied equipment at site and demonstration of results.

Key members of our team, having worked with various European Multinational specialist manufacturers of Power quality improvement products & systems, bring-in a vast professional experience in the field of Power Quality solutions. We are equipped to support you in solving any complex problems in your network.

Our product portfolio for power quality improvement & power factor correction includes the following products:

  • 3 Phase dry type capacitor units (cylindrical as well as box type) & banks for LV networks
  • Detuning reactors to be installed in capacitor banks
  • LV Power Factor Controllers
  • Capacitor switching duty contactors
  • Motor compensation capacitors for water pump motors, compressor motors etc.
  • Lighting capacitors for various types of lighting loads
  • Active harmonic filters for harmonic mitigation

Medium Voltage Surge Arrestors

Harmonic Mitigation Systems

In general, 2 types of solutions are employed for mitigation of harmonics

Passive Filters

Passive filters are combination of capacitors & reactors tuned to particular frequency or frequencies in order to filter out those specific harmonics from the system. We can design, manufacture and supply Passive Filters based on your system, load and other relevant data.

Active Filters

Active harmonic filters are power electronic devices consisting of mainly IGBTs. Unlike traditionally known, active filters do not have capacitors and reactors. We can design, manufacture and supply Passive Filters based on your system, load and other relevant data.